Thank you for visiting. Braydon was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at his 2 month check-up. I hope that reading his story, it will help out another family going through a similar situation. Also Ethan was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at 1 week old.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Big Reveal

We had our anatomy scan on Friday, while most people are interested in finding out the gender (and trust us we were), we were more anxious (well at least I was) at the pictures of the skull.  Unfortunately Baby B-2 is just as stubborn as it's big brother and mommy.  The little one was more interested in looking towards my back then showing off parts of it's body.  We didn't get a good look at the organs or a really good look at anything.  Except the only thing it wanted to cooperate with was was revealing it's gender.  We decided we wanted to tell people via cupcakes, unfortunately with the late notice not many people showed up.  So we will let Braydon do the reveal:

So yes, Braydon is going to have a little brother.  I think he was more excited to eat the frosting then to find out that he was going to have someone to play with, torment and have a lifelong best friend.  And more good news is that there will be another boy in the family as Terry's cousin is due with a baby boy a couple weeks before us.  We joke that with my history, we might get to be roommates in the hospital together.

But since we couldn't get enough good pictures and with my history of gestational diabetes, we get to go back on the 14th for another ultrasound.  Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to share and good news that they don't see any risk of Cranio with the next one.

As a side note, my fasting sugar levels haven't been the best, so they have put me on insulin, but just being on it for 2 days has drastically helped my numbers.  Hopefully we can maintain it through the rest of the pregnancy.

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