Thank you for visiting. Braydon was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at his 2 month check-up. I hope that reading his story, it will help out another family going through a similar situation. Also Ethan was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at 1 week old.

Friday, January 21, 2011

He looks good, oh he looks so good.

Had our first follow-up with Dr. Miller today.  And he says Braydon looks great.  The stitches will flake off here in about a couple of weeks.   It will take a while for the skull to regenerate itself and fill in the soft spots.  But if the rare chance it doesn't they will have to go in and do some bone graphing.  He told us about the minute chance of needing a 2nd surgery for the forhead but would be totally surprised if he needed one as his forhead looks pretty good right now.  We won't have to go back and see him until April 22nd.  So Braydon will get checked out right before we leave for Louisville.  Hopefully there aren't any setbacks between now and then that would make us have to cancel the trip.

Next stop on the recovery train is Dr. Puccioni's office on Wednesday.

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