Thank you for visiting. Braydon was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at his 2 month check-up. I hope that reading his story, it will help out another family going through a similar situation. Also Ethan was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis at 1 week old.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are finally on the other side!

We got moved to PICU about 6:15.  Terry and I got to ride up on the elevator with him and then had to wait in the waiting room while they got him situated.  Braydon is sleeping right now.  He has a drainage tube from his head that is removing the excess fluid and some blood.  He has 3 IVs.  One in each arm and one in the leg.  He also has an arterial line that is monitoring all his vitals.

The surgeons told us that the surgery went well, but we probably won't see the results for a couple of days as the swelling is going to get worse.  However he looks perfect right now.  Braydon ended up needing a lot of blood due to the fact that his skull was popcorn like.  That means that parts of his skull were really thick and then some parts were really thin.  So we they cut his skull there was a lot of blood.

They want him to rest as much as possible so unless he is really agitated I won't be able to him until tomorrow.  He also won't be able to eat until tomorrow.  But by then I should have plenty of milk stored up.  I just want to cuddle him but I know this is what's best for him.  Only one of us can stay through the night so that will be me.  I just don't think I can leave my baby.  I'm sure Terry will be up here bright and early.  Hopefully he brings me a Starbucks.  I hear we might be in for a rough night.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  We couldn't haven't gotten through the day without it.

My perfect sleeping angel.


  1. He sure looks precious! I am glad everything went fairly well! And I hope you get to hold your sweet boy soon!

  2. Oh I am so happy that he came out ok! He is such a cute little guy!! Now is the recovery and yes it is rough to see them so swollen and not know for sure how much pain they are really in but, I know you have a great team there working with him and I will let you know it does get easyer, I still cant believe Joshua is 5 months post op I still feel like it was yesterday. If you need anything please let me know you can find me on facebook...Angela Sanders Combs Cranio mommy of Joshua... I would love to send you a hat for him so that he will keep his little hands off the incision if you want. My son loved his and I have sent them to lots of familys post op. I would love to do that for you just let me know on my facebook page in a message what your address is and I will send one out tomorrow. Again I am so happy he came out alright.Always angela